Finding, Engaging and Converting
Your Perfect Target Audience


Audience Identification

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could know what your potential clients and customers were thinking before they said it? If you had a real feeling for their pain without them saying a word?

With our Audience Identification service that's exactly what you'll get. Carefully designed to find the biggest pain points and passions of your target audience, you'll be like the Pied Piper of your industry in no time!

Social Media Strategies

You followed the advice. You've got you and your business on social media, but now you have NO idea what you're doing.  Everything you post is met with silence (or a "Like" from your mum" and it feels more like a time zap than a money maker.

Our social media strategies are designed to take that pain away and turn them into one of your strongest sources of revenue.

Content Repurposing

Keep hearing about how you need to be everywhere, but panicked that you barely have enough content to be in one place? 

Great news. You don't have to. Grounded Vertigo's Content Repurposing Service will take one  piece of content and turn it into images,  tweets and so much more for you to use across your social media.

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